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Get Started

Having your palm read couldn’t be simpler. It is an easy process which involves you, a to scanner/photocopier: scanner/photocopier/digital camera. and a postage stamp. Leave the rest to us.

  1. Simply take a photocopy or scan both your palms. Put them down flat on the scanner/copier. Make sure that the setting on the copier is not too dark and that the lines are visible enough.

  2. Then take a copy/scan the sides of your hands. You will see lines on the side under your little finger. These are the marriage/relationship lines which also indicate how many children you will have.

    Although photocopy prints are generally clearer, you can also take a photo of both your palms with a digital camera or mobile phone and email the images to us at info@showmeyourpalm.co.uk. Just make sure the photos you take of the palms are close up so we can see all the lines on the palm.

  3. If you are sending photos or photocopies of your palms by post then please put them  in an envelope and send them across to us with your name, address and contact number.

    You can send us the copies of your palms by post to SMYP Unit 17 15 Falcon Rd London SW11 2PJ or for those who have a scanner you can even email them to info@showmeyourpalm.co.uk

  4. Once we receive them, we will undertake an analysis of each hand and give you as much detail as possible. Please note, our reports are not full of doom and gloom! if there is anything you do not want us to tell you please let us know in advance. Many people do not want to know if they will outlive their partners!

  5. Once we prepare the report, we will ask you to send us payment of £15.00 (Inclusive of VAT) and then dispatch your report.

  6. Once you receive the report and if you wish to discuss anything or need advice then you can contact us and we can try and assist.

It is as simple as that!

A History of Palmistry
Palmistry held an interest for humans since the stone age. Information on the laws and practice of hand reading have been found in ancient Indian scripts, the bible and early writings
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